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About Perfumes

Perfume in the general sense, ensures the longevity of the scents produced from the natural oils found in flowers, fruits, herbs, leaves, spices and woods by combining them with stabilizing ingredients such as alcohol and water.

A perfume is composed from three layers: a top note, middle note (often called the ‘heart’ or centre fragrance) and a base note.

The top note contain powerful oils that create the most powerful scent of the perfume. This layer is the most fleeting and short lasting. Floral and citrus scents are frequently used for the top note.

The middle note is the ‘heart’ of the perfume, which reacts with the skin to create a defining character. Containing gentle smells such as carnation, daffodil, honeysuckle, jasmine, lilac, snowberry, magnolia, orchid, peony, rose, hyacinth, violet and lotus.

The base note determines the longevity, character and success of the perfume. The base note scents outlasts the top and middle notes due to the interaction with the skin. Amber, balsam, benzoin, cedar wood, musk, oak, pachouli, sandalwood and vanilla are some scents used.

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