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How to Apply Perfume

The first rule of correct perfume application is clean skin. To improve the longevity of a perfume it is best to apply straight after a shower or bath because the pores of the skin are open at this point and are better able to absorb the perfume. Using related products of your chosen perfume (shower gels, soaps, etc) will increase the impact of the perfume.

By applying perfume to parts of the body with a strong pulse, such as wrists, neck, between the breasts, behind the ears, elbows and the back of knees, allows for effective spread of the scent.

A young woman once asked: “Where should one use perfume?” Coco Chanel replied: “Wherever one wants to be kissed.”

Skin type is closely related to the endurance of the perfume. Oily skin types hold fragrances with more ease. Dry skin types need to apply more perfume than usual.

Hold the bottle at least 15 cm away from the skin and spray the perfume.

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