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Choosing a Perfume

You may like a perfume that your friend is wearing. However, every person has a unique scent generated from their skin. Without trying a perfume on your own skin, you cannot be sure of the success of perfume.

The real scent of the perfume occurs once the scents have interacted with the scents produced by the body and skin. There is more to a perfume than it’s smell from the bottle. Apply a little of the perfume on to your wrist and allow for the scent to interact with your skin for 10 minutes before judging the suitability of the perfume. During this time, the alchol will evaporate, the fragrance of the perfume will settle on to the skin and the real impact of the perfume will reveal itself.

Do not try more than three perfumes at the same time. After three perfumes the nose loses it’s ability to differentiate between smells. When choosing perfumes, it is advisable to pick scents that are compatiable with your bodily scent. It is worth noting that temperature and humidity effect the longevity and effectiveness of perfumes.

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