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Perfume Types

FLORAL – In primarily floral perfumes, one or more flower kinds are used. Perfumes created from only one type of flower are called soliflore. Floral scents are the most numerous and diverse. Some examples are rose, jasmine, snowberry, carnation, daffodil, peony and violet.

ORIENTAL – One of the largest fragrance types utilized in the perfume industry. Containing powerful scents such as cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, ginger, vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood, cedar wood, musk and amber.

FRUITS – One of the oldest fragrance families and contains tangerine, bergamot, peach, lychee, lime, papaya, apple, apricot, melon, purple passionflower and pineapple. Fruity scents are clean, happy and soft. Perfumes with strong fruit scents tend to have many citrus tones through them.

FRESH – In this collection of scents are predominantly pine, juniper, rosemary and hyacinth.

SCENIC – A new group of fragrances that is comprised of synthetic oils and bring the smell of the ocean and mountain air.

CHYPRE – “Chypre,” in French, refers to the island of Cyprus, birthplace of Venus, the legendary goddess of love. The perfume Chypre de Coty set the standard for a new type of fragrance, a category which we now refer to as “mossy-woody.” The “mossy-woody” comes from oakmoss, which comes from the island of Cyprus. The scent was first created in 1917 by François Coty. Also in this grouping of scents are pachouli, lavender and oak.

LEATHER – The middle and base notes of a perfume contain honey, tabacco and wood scents, which suggest a smell of leather.

FOUGÈRE – meaning “fern-like”, the name is derived from the perfume ‘Fougère Royale’ formulated by the perfumer Paul Parquet. The class of fragrances have the basic accord with a top-note of lavender and base-notes of oakmoss and coumarin. Aromatic fougère, a derivative of this class contain additional notes of spice and wood.

ALDEHYDE – The family of chemical substances utilised to create the basis of a perfume and are essential in arranging the different scents within a perfume. Sharp, attractive and curiousity awaken notes are found.

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