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Means passionate love. The intoxicating perfume has been created to reflect the depth and strength of this passionate love. Wajd is a fruity, floral, ambry fragrance inspired by the captivating stage of love. It is an all-consuming force of nature that you are powerless to stop, and yet you never want this feeling to end.


The spell of love has been cast on a midsummer’s night. The scent of juicy apples and ripe fruits make your heart flutter while the perfumed Turkish rose buds bloom and recede to make way for precious orris and earthy patchouli. Surrounded by a symphony of scent, your heart soars into a musky amber embrace that enraptures you and leaves you in the sweetness of its summer thrall. Love’s obsession.


  • Fragrance Family :

    Fruity, Floral, Amber

  • Top Note :

    Turkish Rose, Fruity Notes, Apple

  • Middle Note :

    Patchouli, Orris

  • Base Note :

    Amber, Balsam, Musk, Vanilla


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